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Hot Air Balloon Promotion and Advertising


A hot air balloon flying over just about any location attracts a great deal of attention. It’s no wonder that hundreds of small, medium and large companies and organizations have hot air balloon advertising and promotional programs. The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is known as the most photographed spectator event in the world. The primary attraction being over 750 balloons  that attend each year and fill the skies over this desert oasis!

A few of the companies and organizations that have existing hot air balloon programs are:

Target CorporationPepsi Co., BMW, General Motors, Continental Airlines, Energizer Batteries, Coca Cola, Remax, United Van Lines, DHL Worldwide Express, AOL, Ben & Jerry’s, Intel Corporation, Disney Corporation, Curves, Mayflower, BP, Wendy’s, Ocean Spray, Gateway Computers, State of Arkansas, State of South Carolina, State of Virginia, Sunrise Community Foundation.


Hot Air Balloons have been known to have a high level of memory recall for the people that are exposed to their beauty and grandure. The sheer size of  a balloon captures attention and allows for the display of a company logo that can easily be twice the size of a standard billboard. 

A hot air balloon is a unique and effective way to promote an organization, idea, or a message. Additionally, a balloon can be used to provide incentive rides for employees, staff or associates. Night glows or tethers of the balloon can also be used to enhance corporate events, parties, grand openings or other functions.

A tethered balloon is tied to the ground and rises up to 100 feet of altitude, giving the passengers a birds-eye-view of the location or event. During a tether, the balloon can be cylcled up and down multiple times to provide a unique form of entertainment.

An evening or night balloon glow is the ultimate light show. The balloon is  inflated and anchored to the ground while the pilot uses the glow burner to light up the inside of the envelope, this creates a giant lantern effect that is visible for miles and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

We offer a variety of options for hot air balloon promotion and advertising programs. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss with you the exciting promotion and advertising potential of a hot air balloon.


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Balloon flights and tethers are weather dependent. All flights are early morning.Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Restrictions may apply. Policies, procedures and pricing subject to change without notice.